Sunday, 2 May 2010

New friends

After 5 years I am finally starting to make friends with the folks on my street.
It's not as if I had scraps with them before, we just weren't on first name terms.
Almost suddenly I know the neighbours and it's actually rather marvellous.

Susan over the road's fridge conked out last week so I kept some stuff cold for her and in return she gave me some daffodils. Admittedly they are a bit dead now but that isn't completely Susan's fault and I'm sure she'll replace them.

The family next door have liberated our daft dog, Buddy. We've been dreadful dog owners for the last 5 years and not trained the little fella to come back when let off the lead. This is because we are lazy. Clive from next door recently took Buddy for a walk and automatically let him off the lead. Would be believe it, Buddy came back? It's as if Buddy has been to a Barbara Woodhouse finishing school. It is awesome.

I was an Avon lady for about 9 months last year and my knocking on doors trying to flog make up is another way I've raised my local profile.
Avon wasn't very popular. In fact, some people (nos 32 and 37 especially) still cross the road when they see me.(The rash has cleared completely now.)

My favourite neighbours live only a few houses away and have two little boys who are a similar age to my two sons. The four of them get on very well and luckily I think their mum, Jane, is brilliant so we can all hang out together.
Jane has gone away for the weekend so when I took my boys to nursery on Friday morning we met her husband who was also on the nursery run. As the kids scooted off together Matt and I chatted for the first time.
And he clearly thinks Jane and I are a lot closer than we are.
What makes me say that?
Well, he told me stuff he probably shouldn't have assuming I already knew.
Intimate stuff.
Jane and I have talked about the possibility of having a third child. When I say talked I mean I have said how hideous a prospect it is and she has gone along with it. As Matt and I chatted I commented on how much fun my boys are.
He agreed saying his sons are great too and that he and Jane are keen for more babies.
So keen that Jane is plotting her cycle and taking her temperature.
So very keen that Matt is taking vitamins.
So super keen that Jane has bought Matt some special pants.
Special pants!
Special pants?!
Who tells their neighbour about their pants, special or otherwise, within seconds of meeting for the first time? I think if I had asked to see them he would've happily, innocently flashed me.
I'm not sure I'm at the stage when I can call any of my neighbours good friends but I will definitely pop over to visit Matt and his boys tomorrow. And maybe strike up a conversation about pin numbers?